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Andrew Woodard

Born in Davenport, IA

Reside in Bloomington, IN


2012              Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

                       Major:   MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies

                       Thesis: Solutionism: A Future Conciousness for                              Public Arts Practicum


2004              BFA Maryland Institute College of Art,  

                       Baltimore, Maryland.  

                       Major:  Photography, Cum Laude Graduate



Work Experience

Now              Maker Education Specialist, Indiana University,                         Bloomington, IN


Now              Process Art Studio, Santa Fe, NM.

                      3D Scanning, 3D Printing, Gallery Owner.


2015-2020   Box Studio LLC, Cerrillos, NM.

                      Studio Manager, Logistics.

2016-19       MAKE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM.

                      Education Coordinator,

                      Department of Labor Certified Trainer,          

                      Curriculum Writer, Certification Trainer.

2015             Santa Fe University of Art and Design,

                      Santa Fe, NM. 

                      Contributing Faculty, Sculpture.


2011             Artworks,  St. Louis, MO.

                     Teaching Artist in Residence, Curriculum          



2010-12      Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.

                     Teaching Assistant.



2021            Series of Pollinator Habitat Sculptures (4),

                     City of Thornton, CO 


2013            Solar Light Sculpture,

                     Bay City, Michigan. 


2012            Monumental steel sculpture,

                     Parks Central Development, St. Louis, Missouri.


2012            Monumental steel solar powered sculpture,      

                     Grove Business District, St. Louis, Missouri.


2011             Monumental steel sculpture,

                      Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood,

                      Chouteau’s Garden Project. St. Louis, Missouri.


2013             Fall in…Art and Sol Community Arts Guest

                     Artist/Educator, Delta University, Midland,



2011            Saint Louis Artworks Teaching Residency,

                     St. Louis Missouri.


2011             Eastern Illinois University Summer Sculpture

                      Residency, Eastern Illinois University,

                      Charleston Illinois.


City of Albuquerque, NM


Price Sculpture Forest, WA 


The City of Thornton, CO (2021 Spring)


The Village of La Cienega, NM.


Josephine Sculpture Park, Frankfort, KY


The City of St. Louis, MO


Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, ILL.


2021               On Loan (Moonlit Butterfly Habitat)

                        Greenville, NC (Best of Show)


2020              "Birds and Bees Project”

                        Randall Davey Audobon Society,

                        Santa Fe, New Mexico.


2019                String of Lights,

                         Santa Fe, NM


2018                Made in New Mexico,

                         Santa Fe, NM.


2013                 Art and Sol, Solar Art Festival,

                          Midland, MI.


2013                 AHA Art and Music Festival,

                          Santa Fe, NM


2012                  “FORM” Contemporary Design Show,

                           Luminary Center for the Arts,

                           St. Louis, Missouri.


2012                 “The No List”

                            Open Space Gallery,

                            St. Louis, Missouri.


2012                   “MFA Thesis Show”

                            Kemper Museum of Art,

                            St. Louis, Missouri


2011                  “Small Sculptures and Maquettes”

                           Tarble Arts Center,

                           Eastern Illinois University, Charleston,



2011                  “1, 2, 3, 4” School of Art Galleries,

                           Murray State University,

                           Murray, Kentucky.


2011                  “Artprize 2011”,

                           Grand Rapids Art Museum,

                           Grand Rapids, Michigan.

2011                  “Post Production 2” Old Post Office Plaza,                             Luminary Art Center,

                            St. Louis, Missouri.


2004                    “Abstractions in Grey”

                             Grand Cru Gallery,

                             Baltimore, Maryland.


2004                   “Looking Up” Woodward Gallery,

                             Maryland Institute College of Art.

                             Baltimore, Maryland.  



2018                     Goldberg, Julia “Days of Future Past.”

                              Santa Fe Reporter, October 16, 2018.


2013                      Carlson, Chuck “Andrew Woodard Sees

                               His Solar Art as Practical, Beautiful”

                               Battle Creek Enquirer,

                               October 8, 2013, feature.


2011                     “Eastern Illinois Summer Sculpture

                              Residency 2011.” Sculpture Magazine,

                              October, 2011, magazine.


2011                     “Eames-inspired art celebrated by

                              (Eames) family.” Wood TV8, September

                               22, 2011, TV broadcast, web (feature).


2011                      Kaczmarczyk, J., “Grand Rapids Art

                               Museum opens its ArtPrize 2011

                               exhibit on Thursday.” Grand Rapids

                               Press, September, 7, 2011, newspaper



2011                       Birkenmaier, J., “Chouteau garden

                                adds more public art to FPSE.” Park

                                Central Development, July 5, 2011,

                                web (feature).


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